Sugar, the enemy that we love too much!


Sugar, the enemy that we love too much!

It's no secret that we love sugar and eat way too much of it. Statistics show that each Canadian consumes an average of 40 kg of sugar per year… That's a lot!

Why should we be wary of sugar?

Consuming too much sugar has harmful effects on health: high blood pressure, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes… Worse than fat for the body, sugar is now considered a sweet poison.

When it comes to dental health, it is definitely enemy number one. When consumed, it is deposited on the teeth. The bacteria in the mouth digest it and produce an acid that attacks the tooth enamel. It's a paradise for cavities!

Do all sugars cause cavities?

Yes… Unfortunately! Sugar (glucose), in all its forms, is cariogenic.

  • Honey, molasses, maple syrup;
  • White sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar;
  • Fructose, maltose, glucose, dextrose, etc.

Is fruit sugar (fructose) less harmful?

Fruit has a high fructose content. Combined with the acidity of the fruit, this is harmful to the teeth. However, fructose, lactose and starch are less cariogenic sugars than fast sugars. Eating fruit is still a healthy choice!

Hidden sugar?

Some sweet foods such as sweets and desserts are easy to identify. Other foods may contain unsuspected amounts of sugar. Beware of morning cereals, commercial soups, fast food, smoothies, starchy foods, prepared foods, flavoured coffees, etc. To make informed choices, read the list of ingredients in what we eat!

Some tips for coping

  • If you want to eat a dessert or a sweet, it is best to do so during the meal, when the mouth produces a good quantity of saliva. This dilutes the sugar and neutralises the acidity produced.
  • Follow the consumption of sugar with a dairy product, as this also reduces acidity.
  • Avoid sticky sweets (caramels, jujubes) that get stuck on the teeth.
  • Brush and floss after eating sweet foods.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to completely eliminate sugar from our diet. Fortunately, it remains an essential source of energy for the body to function properly! It is up to us to consume it reasonably and to have good oral hygiene!


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