Crowns, bridges and implant prosthesis

Ceramic restoration

The usefulness of the dental crown

A crown can be used to restore the shape, appearance and function of damaged teeth. A crown may also be necessary after a root canal, if the tooth has had a large filling or is broken.

With CEREC technology, we can restore your teeth in one appointment, if your case allows.

What is a crown?

The crown is a cap that covers a damaged or decayed tooth.  Depending on your situation, you might need a full or 3/4 crown.

The crown restores the tooth and solidifies it.  It can also be used to cover discolored of misshapen teeth.  The appearance and function of a tooth covered with a crown is very similar to that of a natural tooth.

As it is a custom made treatment, depending on your needs, it can be made of different materials: Zircon, porcelain, ceramic or metal ceramic alloy.

Equipped with CEREC technology, we can restore your teeth in a single appointment if your case allows it.


What is a bridge?

The bridge, on the other hand, is the treatment indicated to replace a missing tooth in a fixed way.  Since it is a set of fused crowns, the teeth on which it rests will also be covered and protected.


Crowns and prosthesis on implants

Following the surgical phase of the implant and the time allocated for its integration, we  proceed to manufacture the crown or prosthesis on the implant.