The benefits of chocolate on dental health, good news in the run-up to Valentine’s Day!


Ahhh chocolate! If you have a sweet tooth, it's probably one of your favourite things…

You might think that such a delicious treat can only be bad for your health, or a formidable enemy for your teeth, but think again!

Longtemps accusé à tors de provoquer des caries, de l’acné, des crises de foie ou de la constipation, le chocolat retrouve peu à peu ses lettres de noblesses! Effectivement, la recherche scientifique a mis en lumière les nombreux effets bénéfiques du chocolat sur la santé globale.

Dark chocolate is particularly rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids, which can prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. The higher the cocoa content, the more flavonoids are present and the greater the benefits.

We don't always suspect that chocolate is also a great ally for our teeth! …as long as it is accompanied by proper oral hygiene of course!

Dark chocolate has an antibacterial effect that helps prevent tooth decay. Indeed, certain components present in chocolate give it anti-cariogenic properties:

  • Tannins inhibit the growth of oral bacteria.
  • Fluoride strengthens the resistance of the enamel.
  • Phosphates help to reduce the acidity formed by the metabolism of carbohydrates, which reduces plaque.
  • The casein protein in milk clings to the teeth and protects the enamel (in milk chocolate).
  • Magnesium is involved in bone formation, immune system function and dental health.

If you are looking for anti-cancer benefits, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (70% minimum) is the most powerful. However, milk chocolate is not without its benefits. Although it has less antioxidant power because casein impedes the absorption of polyphenols, the presence of this protein helps to protect teeth from decay.

Daily consumption of low-sugar chocolate, in moderation, is therefore excellent for both general and oral health. Not to mention the fact that it has a real comforting power that stimulates the body and mind.

Eating healthy has never been so enjoyable!


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